which types of websites built with Oracle APEX

Which Types of Websites Are Built With APEX

Oracle APEX is a powerful framework and can be used to develop a variety of database-driven web applications and websites. Since APEX is a low-code framework it can quickly be put to work to build applications for a variety of purposes.

In this post I will highlight some of the websites and applications that were developed with Oracle APEX. It would be impossible to have an exhaustive list, but I’ve tried to present them in certain categories.

Health Care Application

Websites using Oracle APEX

This site is a literature review of children’s metabolic diseases that may be directly related to intellectual disabilities. The study was conducted by Dr. Clara van Karnebeek & Dr. Sylvia Stöckler in Vancouver Canada’s Children’s Hospital.
Treatable divides the 81 diseases into categories and provides information on diagnosis and treatment

ERP Systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back-office functions related to technology, services, and human resources.

Page Designer APEX

E-Commerce Sites

There are a lot of E-Commerce sites that have been developed with Oracle APEX.

Almost all of these have some sort of integration with a payment gateway and other web services.

WeLIMS is the LIMS(Laboratory Information Management System) for small companies. WeLIMS is simple and efficient and contains all you need to get started! Methods Management, Product Management, and Quality Control. It will take care of maintaining your product data and your QC data safely! With WeLIMS you can set the right level of authorization in your organization. Predefined roles for Product specifications management, Recipes management, or Quality Control are already set up. Workflows make everyone collaborate efficiently and seamlessly.




This site is really good looking and shows how much versatility APEX can bring to any project.

faceted search


Oracle APEX is a fantastic solution for creating interactive forums. Usually, these kind of sites store a lot of data and requirement the ability to search quickly. Even now, with the new faceted search, APEX offers great features for forums

Foex Forum

Foex Forum

Oracle’s Ask Tom

websites using APEX

Why APEX is just a great solution for these kinds of sites?

Oracle APEX is the perfect development platform for all of these types of sites. Much of what is fundamental to APEX is important for all of them.

Low Code Framework

Because APEX is a low-code framework, the initial development doesn’t take years. Web components are declarative allowing for the inclusion of some advanced features like the Interactive and the various report templates.

Low-code also means enhancements are not difficult. E-Commerce sites and ERP solutions need to be able to respond to changes in business processes.

Cross-browser support out of the box

There is no way that you can ever be sure what browser your user will use to interact with your site. APEX provides support for all browsers and there is no development to achieve this.

Fully responsive and accessible websites

Today, the majority of visitors to your site won’t be using a desktop computer. In fact, the major will be using a tablet or mobile phone.

With APEX’s Universal Theme nothing as to be developed to handle various screen sizes. The templates in the Universal Theme handles all of that for you.

You will want to make sure that your application can be used by everyone. The Universal Theme has built-in features to ensure that your site can be used by persons with disabilities.

A zero latency framework

APEX basically runs out of the database. The meta data and your application are entirely stored in database tables. Your application is really being served up by the database allowing your site’s pages to render with lightening speed.

None of it matters without a great host

You can build the greatest website or application, but if it is not hosted by a reliable service, then all of your hard work can end up resulting in a slow application and one that is not always available to your users.

Look no further than MaxAPEX!

Professional Oracle APEX Hosting

MaxAPEX offers a number of hosting options and there’s one for every budget. You can opt for the affordable shared APEX hosting or select dedicated database(DedicatedDB) hosting.

MaxAPEX also provides you with your users. Valuable resources to help you do things like integrate with Jasper Reports and MaxPrint. When you visit our site you’ll find a lot of great information.

Perhaps most important to you will be that MaxAPEX keeps up with the latest version of APEX and ORDS. Some other hosts take a long time to upgrade their shared APEX instances.

So, for affordable and reliable APEX hosting visit MaxAPEX now!

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