MaxProtect secures your online assets with comprehensive endpoint security.

Protection from threats

MaxProtect ensures the safety of your online assets through comprehensive endpoint security measures, monitoring your servers both in the cloud and on-premise. We make sure your devices are protected from malware, identify any vulnerabilities, monthly reporting, monitor via a SIEM solution, and maintain up-to-date security practices.


Comprehensive Security Solutions

Real-Time Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of all servers with advanced SIEM and EDR ensures real-time threat detection and swift response.

Malware Protection

Effective and robust malware protection ensures that your systems remain secure, safeguarded, and free from any threats.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security includes not only traditional antivirus/anti-malware solutions but also advanced behavioral analysis.

Responsive Technical Support

Our certified security team offers unparalleled support and expertise, ensuring the highest level of protection and peace of mind.

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The Impact of MaxProtect on Your Online Security:

Without MaxProtect, your online assets maybe exposed to malware, data breaches, and unnoticed vulnerabilities. Lack of real-time monitoring and outdated security practices increase the risk of cyberattacks and severe damage due to delayed incident detection and response.

With MaxProtect, your assets are safeguarded with robust endpoint security, malware protection, and real-time monitoring. Monthly reports and  vulnerability assessments keep your system secure and up-to-date. Adaptive threat protection and responsive support ensure rapid incident response and effective threat mitigation.





/ month

Key Features

Endpoint Security

Monthly Reporting

Malware Protection

Full System Scan

Real-Time Monitoring

Adaptive Threat Protection

Vulnerability Assessment

Responsive Technical Support


MaxProtect is available for all hosting plans, starting from DDB-Small and extending to higher-tier plans, including DedicatedDB, CloudDB, Oracle Cloud, and on-premise support.

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MaxProtect Monthly Reporting

MaxProtect provides detailed monthly reports that offer insights into your security posture, helping to inform your decision-making and ensure transparency.


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