Oracle 21c Standard Edition

APEX DedicatedDB Hosting

APEX Dedicated Hosting (DedicatedDB) is the most flexible hosting plan for Oracle APEX

 It provides you with an exclusive Virtual Machine with root access and an Oracle database. It gives you complete administrative access and control over your VM, database, and APEX instance. The DedicatedDB Hosting plan is designed to meet the high tablespace requirements, greater performance and level of control when they are important for your projects.

You can create any number of workspaces, and schemas with DedicatedDB plans, host your websites and emails. DedicatedDB machine comes with CentOS 7, Oracle APEX 23.1, Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) 23.1, and Oracle Database 21c Express Edition. A user-friendly control panel is provided to manage your websites, emails, etc but you can also use SSH to configure anything you need. You get full root access to the machine and if you want to install any other software yourself, you can do that also. Once a new version of APEX is available we inform our DedicatedDB clients and they can schedule an upgrade of APEX as per their convenience. If a client doesn’t want to upgrade APEX the old version will continue on the server. This is a Fully Managed APEX hosting plan and you can simply open a ticket in case you need our help.

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MaxAPEX Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle APEX Dedicated Cloud Hosting

Want complete control over everything?  Then you want our Oracle APEX dedicated cloud hosting. You will have complete administrative control over your environment. Create workspaces, and database schemas. This hosting service gives you a complete environment and all of the rights you need to manage it yourself.

You can create as many workspaces as you need. This is ideal if you want to keep client applications in separate workspaces. You can even create a runtime environment only which is ideal for restricting developer changes to production applications. With a run time environment you don’t actually have a workspace nor its overhead and the apps can only be accessed from the database itself.

With this service you can also host your websites. This keeps your online presence all in one place. And to make it really convenient we provide you with an intuitive administrative portal to manage all of your sites. You won’t need a separate web host it is all in one place and best of all you manage it yourself.

The dedicated VM is running CentOS7 a community-developed Linus operating system. with. Linux has mostly moved to 64-bit kernel processing which is provided by CentOS7 but there is still support for 32-bit applications.  Many of the features of Red Hat can be found in CentOS7.

Just like our shared hosting we keep the VM up to date. The difference is that you make the decision. When a new version of APEX or ORDS is available we’ll notify you and you can schedule the upgrade when you are ready and on your schedule.

You are not limited to APEX. You’ll have root access to the virtual machine and can install any software you may need. It is just like an
on-premise solution but in the cloud

Need help? The Oracle APEX dedicated cloud hosting service gives you 24/7 support. All you need to do is open a support ticket and we will respond. Whether it’s a problem or simply a question we are always there to help you.

Shared Hosting gives you all the bell and whistles for an affordable price.

All Our Plans Offer

Multiple Server Locations

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Unlimited applications and bandwidth

Dedicated database

Root Access

Daily Backup

Free domain and Mapping

Setup Time
2-8 Hours



Minimum Contract
1 Month

Email Hosting

Fully Managed

Database Size

SSL Possible

Unlimited Workspaces

SSH Access


SQL Developer/ TOAD

Unlimited Schemas


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Fully Managed APEX DB Hosting

Our Oracle APEX hosting in Cloud manages the database for you. No need to have a database administrator since we take care of it for you. We keep the database up and running and ensure the best performance possible. The database for your Oracle APEX 23.1 applications is managed to be secure, reliable, and fast. Our Oracle APEX hosting services will take care of the database so that you can concentrate on building fantastic APEX applications for your users and for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order a DedicatedDB?

Go to the DedicatedDB page and click order.

Where are your servers physically located?

Our Servers located in the following locations

North Carolina (US)

Portsmouth (UK),

Sydney (Australia)



Is there a DedicatedDB setup fee?

There is no setup fee for any of our DedicatedDB servers or hosting solutions.

Do you deliver DedicatedDB servers on weekends?

Yes, our staff is delivering servers 24/7/365