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Welcome to MaxApex, the one place to get a complete hosting solution for your business. Our experience, expertise and focus on Oracle Application Express (APEX) hosting makes our hosting services the very best you can find for your business.

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APEX Shared Hosting

It is the most cost-effective solution to develop or deploy your applications to production. It provides you with APEX workspaces, schemas and FTP space. You can create/deploy your APEX apps, map your own domain names to access your applications, send or receive emails, create reports using ORDS Reporting Engine or Jasper Reports. You can also access your schema using SQL Developer or Toad.

APEX DedicatedDB Hosting

It is the most flexible hosting plan for Oracle APEX. It provides you with an exclusive Virtual Machine with root access and Oracle database. It gives you complete administrative access and control over your VM, database and APEX instance. The DedicatedDB Hosting plan is designed to meet the high tablespace requirements, greater performance and level of control when they are important for your projects.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I have been a MaxApex customer since 2015. It is a very stable, reliable and fast platform. The support is excellent and very timely. It is always updated to the latest versions. In MaxApex we have hosted all our systems and we are extremely satisfied, I highly recommend them.

Adolfo Blanco, BLEICO, C.A, Venezuela

I have used MaxApex for over ten years now and found them to be both practical and extremely reliable. Equally impressive is their competent and timely response to my occasional questions and service tickets.

As an APEX developer, having full control of an entire Oracle XE instance gives me lots of options and because it is professionally supported by MaxApex I never have to worry about Oracle upgrades or new versions. I also appreciate the fact that it is physically located in a data center with fast Internet access both in and out. This is something a small company like mine cannot easily do on our own.

Thanks, MaxApex, for providing this valuable service at a cost I can afford.

Juan Carlos Garcia Iza

We have been working with MAXAPEX for approximately 5 years. We have 3 mission critical applications operating in their infrastructure. The service offered by MAXAPEX has been optimal for our needs, and has allowed us to grow as we have required. Their support is excellent, and has allowed us to really concentrate on satisfying the needs of our business.

Juan Carlos Garcia Iza, Macrotics SAS, Colombia

As part of a volunteer organisation, I was looking for a service to help solve a big problem for us which was the hours of admin involved in running a local community centre. Services are affordable and scalable and responses to my questions were swift and the support team have been amazing in helping me get what I needed. Upgrades are managed and as an Oracle partner, these guys ensure we are running the latest and greatest and soon as it’s available. Overall I have been very happy with performance too as well as the option to host within the UK. I have managed in a very short time to release an app to our community where most of the admin is now done by them, we’ve set up over 800 events this year, cut invoicing down from one day to 15 mins per quarter and automated several other processes. We have integrated with Stripe and Twilio too!

I have been using MaxAPex for several years, in various configurations (shared, dedicated etc) and I have never had any issues with the serivce. Further, I find the support very responsive and very good. I have no issues with using MaxApex as a platform for my live customers. Using this service just takes away so much Oracle Admin headache etc. I would highly recommend MaxApex as a hosting partner for any Apex Applications.

Paul Joyce, Ireland
Shaminda Samaratunge - hosting review

I am a MaxApex customer for several years now. My company inventory, stock control and invoicing system done using Oracle APEX is hosted with MaxApex. These guys have the best support system and a very reliable up-time. Every upgrade and maintenance is always notified in advance, so our IT team is aware to let the other team members know. My 10/10 recommendation goes to MaxApex!!!

denis aruajo - apex hosting review

Excellent company!

Great service! are fast and efficient … Congratulations!

We looked for a company who offers APEX hosting about 2 years ago. We found MaxApex and were suprised about the portfolio and the pricing. So we started to use their platform with our CRM system developed on Oracle APEX.
We rate the availability, the update policy and the speed/quality of the support with five stars.
Thank you very much!
Steven Ponndorf

Steven Ponndorf, Harmonyliving, Germany
Mark Trading Kuwait - reviews

One of the best oracle apex hosting i have ever used. You guys rock, very fast and active when it comes to ticket solving. Keeo up the good work. I have recomended to many Colleagues and customer about maxapex.

Mark Trading Kuwait, B2IK, Kuwait

We have been using Oracle APEX hosting from MaxApex for almost 7 years now. I can recommend it as the service, level of expertise and support is really good. We host several Apex web applications with MaxApex for our customers that are mainly schools. The users and schools are depending on our Apex Apps with MaxApex to execute quality checks which are needed by the Ducth law. An other web app helps teachers during class to track, help and administrate students. As you can imagine it is very important for us that the MaxApex servers are fast and reliable which they are. Keep up the good work MaxApex.

We found MaxApex’s technical support team very cooperative, quick & responsive. Hosting services are very much reliable, we never even think about switching to another company.


Hi, my name is Roberto Párraga. I’m developer in Oracle Apex with Oracle Database XE.
My expririence with MaxApex is successfully, because helpme to developer and deploy successfully my applications.
The technical support is excellent because my questions got quicly responses.
The stability of the hosting service and the continuous it’s wanderfull, 24/7.
In abstract, I recommend MaxApex Hosting for deploy applications developed in Oracle ApeX.


MaxApex , really facilitate my start with apex by making it Jump , the team is very helpful and understanding people , ‘I’ve passed more than 3 years with max apex and i feel happy with their support and their services

Maxapex is the perfect choice for hosting Oracle Apex. The support service is speedy and responsive. We did not have a situation where they could not help. You can quickly change your tariff plan to the most suitable one. Server uptime is excellent. We did not have a situation when our business was suspended.

Ed Zakabluk, Technosvit, Ukraine
David Pataki - oracle apex reviews

We appreciate the incredible support MAXAPEX team have provided for us.
We got help with things like that linux configuration, establishing odbc connection that are not strictly related to server hosting. This is the best value for money service on this area.

Munir Mahmud

I Have been using Maxapex Service since couple of years. The most thing that attracted me, their instance support and response at any time. Hope to continue this support in future in more improve way.

Munir Mahmud, Vobon, Bangladesh
Gordana Bobinac - apex hosting review

I’m glad I decided to work with you. I never have any problem at all. Thanks so much for doing a great job!

Gordana Bobinac, IT-Apex4u, Serbia

In mid-2013 I started looking for a hosting service that could house my project of serving small businesses with specialized system solutions developed on Oracle Apex that meet the need of this market share. I found Maxapex and since then we have established this partnership with excellent cost benefit and high quality services available. Thank you Maxapex for the excellent services provided over these 6 years.

Excellent service, full cooperation of support staff and good cloud performance.

MaxApex support is very good. I have never experienced a situation where they have not been able to help or where the work was not completed very quickly.

Richard Pickett

From the online chat messages to the handling of tickets, MaxApex team has given me confidence in the MaxApex. Thanks for great service

Brandon Govender
Idea Infintiy BD Limited, Bangladesh

We are very happy to using max apex hosting. they are support very nice and prompt. i recommend APEX user to use their hosting

Why Choose Maxapex

Support 24/7/365

24/7/365 Friendly & Responsive Technical Support. Average response time < 15 minutes.

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Reliable & Secure,

99% uptime guaranteed. Servers monitored 24/7. Firewalls and SSL/TLS make everything secure

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Experts in APEX

Our expertise in APEX makes our services the very best you can find for your business.

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Enterprise grade high performance APEX hosting for the lowest price

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