MaxAPEX Adds Servers In Germany and Finland

APEX Hosting Matters: MaxAPEX Adds Servers In Germany and Finland

Oracle APEX is a low-code framework for the development of modern, secure, and robust database-driven web applications. How you build your applications is one thing, where you host them is another thing altogether.

MaxAPEX has just added servers in Germany and Finland to its Dedicated DB Hosting Service. This brings to five the number of server locations alongside Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Does hosting location matter?

Oracle APEX applications run directly out of the Oracle Database. This means that the high performance of the database is rendering the pages of your web application. APEX applications are database-aware and PL/SQL and SQL are used for application business logic.

APEX Hosting Matters : MaxAPEX Adds Servers

An on-premise configuration will ensure that your APEX application pages render with lightning speed. However, when your application needs to be available on the web, you have now introduced a whole new variable. Now, it is not just about APEX, it is about the server that hosts the Oracle Database.

If you’re like most people, you are probably using web applications every day. You might be searching on Google, posting on Facebook, or even shopping online. What you may not realize is that all of these web applications are hosted on servers worldwide. To ensure that users have the best possible experience using your application, you need to provide them with regional server access. MaxAPEX makes this possible by having servers located throughout the globe.

With the addition of servers in Germany and Finland, MaxAPEX provides a truly global hosting solution.

What is DedicatedDB?

MaxAPEX’s Dedicated Hosting Service is fully managed allowing you to focus on your business rather than your hosting environment but still have complete control when you need it.

DedicatedDB offers unlimited workspaces, schemas, emails, and web hosting. With CentOS 7, APEX 20.2, and the latest version of Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS 19.4, and the Oracle Database Express Edition 18c.

Hosting APEX applications doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice management of your environment, nor do you have to be limited to one workspace and one database. In fact, with DedicatedDB you even get root access and a control panel to manage everything in one place.

Unleashing the power of Oracle Apex

Applications built with Oracle APEX are feature-rich, beautiful, scalable, and secure. The low-code APEX framework means that robust applications can be developed quickly and with little custom code.

APEX Hosting Matters : MaxAPEX Adds Servers

Users, even developers for that matter, access your APEX applications through a simple web browser, that’s why many companies choose APEX for applications that need to be accessed externally or even worldwide.

Oracle APEX, by virtue of its simple architecture, provides for zero latency response times. When a request is sent from the browser, it is passed through the web server directly to the Oracle Database. All of your business logic, processing, and DML statements are executed directly in the Oracle Database.

While APEX applications are designed to be fast, the servers that host those applications is critical to performance. If your applications are to be accessed globally, it is important to have a truly global hosting solution. MaxAPEX’s six server locations, now including Germany and Finland, ensure that users enjoy the full power of Oracle APEX.

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