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Secure your connections with SSL certificates, providing options for single and multi-domain coverage. Protect your domain privacy with WhoisGuard, and enjoy comprehensive threat protection with MaxProtect. With these MaxAPEX add-ons, your online presence is secure, ensuring peace of mind and smooth operation.

MaxAPEX Add-ons

SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate is a digital security seal that verifies a website’s identity and encrypts information sent between the website and your browser, hiding your information from anyone trying to snoop on it.

Single-Domain SSL

Single-Domain SSL

Secure your website with our MaxAPEX add-on, Single-Domain SSL. Easily protect your domain and get a Dedicated IP on our server, along with an SSL certificate for a single subdomain.


Multi-Domain SSL

Multi-Domain SSL

If you need SSL for more than one domains/sub-domains you can buy our Multi-Domain SSL. You can get SSL for unlimited domains hosted on a single server with this MaxAPEX Add-on.



Establish your online presence securely with domain registration that safeguards your contact information and empowers you to claim the perfect domain name for building a trusted brand.


The Whois database is open to everyone online. When you register a domain, you risk exposing personal details to spammers and fraudsters. With MaxAPEX add-ons like WhoisGuard, domain owner’s information is no longer available for public consumption, making it the best global domain privacy option.


Domain Registration

Domain Registration

Claim your online identity! Domain registration secures a unique address for your website. Think of it as your prime real estate on the internet.  This short, memorable name directs visitors straight to your digital space. The process is simple: choose your domain, register it, and build your brand!


Starting From $25


Our security measures are designed to ensure the safety and integrity of your digital assets. With a comprehensive approach, we safeguard you against threats and monitor for any suspicious activities.



MaxProtect ensures the safety of your online assets through comprehensive endpoint security measures, monitoring your servers both in the cloud and on-premise. We make sure your devices are protected from malware, identify any vulnerabilities, monthly reporting, monitor via a SIEM solution, and maintain up-to-date security practices.


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Frequently Asked Questions

MaxProtect is an security add-on that you can add to your hosting plan. It is available for plans ranging from DDB-Small to higher-tier plans.

A free domain is included with all our hosting plans, starting with the APEX-200M plan.

You can add MaxAPEX add-ons to your hosting plan during checkout. Simply select the add-ons you need on the checkout page before finalizing your purchase.