Complete On-premise Support Solution

Complete On-premise

Support Solution

Your business, your systems, and our expertise. Finally, an APEX
on-premise support solution that makes sense

Oracle APEX is a low-code, zero latency, feature-rich web application development framework that runs directly out of the Oracle Database. A web browser is all you need to develop robust, secure, and scalable database-driven applications. Millions of businesses worldwide have discovered the power of APEX to leverage data, enhance productivity, extend markets, and monitor growth. Whether you’re running a business on Main Street or halfway around the globe, keeping systems secure, available, scalable and robust demands professionals at the leading edge of technology. Most of all, staying in control of your own systems ought not be a trade-off. You need a partner who will have your back, save you money, and give you the freedom to focus on your business.

Welcome to the complete APEX On-premise support solution

At MaxAPEX, we’ve got proven expertise on installing and maintaining sophisticated systems for the development and deployment of web applications using Oracle  APEX. With all the skills in one place, MaxAPEX is positioned as a global leader offering comprehensive remote support for your entire APEX deployment. We can easily take you from ground zero to having an enterprise-standard system available 24/7 with all of the security and scalability you expect for your growing business.

Cost effective peace of mind

Our on-premise support solutions keep you in the driver’s seat and surrounds you with trained and certified professionals ready to respond at moments notice. If you had to maintain a multi-disciplinary team, it would cost you a ton of money, and you’d need to have them available around the clock. We do it all for you at an affordable and flexible price.

24/7 support

We’ll help you get your APEX environment up and running in no time. We offer support for the installation and setup of the Oracle database, Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS), and Apache configuration.

The cornerstone of your business is the data you so carefully collect. We’ll create and monitor automatic backups of your data and APEX applications. We also provide 24/7 recovery support whenever needed. We can also help with standard database imports and exports.

We provide ORDS and database tuning support. Our APEX development experts can also assist in identifying any issues impeding performance. We’ll work with you to immediately resolve any server response concerns

We will help you manage all data storage by providing assistance with tablespaces, control files, redologs and archive logs. We can also assist with the management of all server resources.

We will support the creation and maintenance of APEX Workspaces, Administrators, Developers and application users. We will also provide guidance on best practices for access control within your environment and applications.

When it’s time for an update, we’ll take care of it for you. When with its an upgrade to ORDS, a new release of APEX, or the application of a set of patches, we’re right there to do the planning, execution, and post-installation testing.

As a recognized leader in APEX cloud hosting, we know how to ensure your environment complies with the latest security standards. We’ll help you correctly configure SSL and we’ll put in place a protocol for applying necessary security updates.

We you need help; you need it now! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And, when upgrades or maintenance needs to be scheduled, we do it on your terms, not on hours.

For an additional fee, we will provide 24/7 pro-active server performance monitoring. We’ll know about problems before you do.

Our On-premise solutions give you 24/7 support. All you need to do is open a support ticket and we will respond. Whether it’s a problem or simply a question we are always there to help you.

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Support for installation of Oracle database, ORDS, Tomcat, and Apache configurations
  • Implementation of SSL and support for domain mapping
  • Installation of additional APEX languages
  • Creation and monitoring of automatic backups
  • Storage management
  • Assistance with database imports and exports
  • Support for recovery in case of disaster
  • Oracle Database and ORDS tuning
  • Resolution of server response issues or performance degradation
  • Configuration of SMTP server for sending emails from within APEX applications
  • Creation and maintenance of APEX Workspaces, Administrators, Developers and Users
  • Application of OS, Oracle, and APEX patches
  • 24/7 response and scheduling
  • APEX and ORDS upgrades
On-premise solutions


On-prem Reactive Monthly Management

Just by paying a fixed monthly amount, you receive absolute help for your server which is available day in and day out (24×7). ‘Reactive’ meaning that we are always a message away, but for that you will need to open a ticket to us to look into your server and perform whatever work that needs to be fixed.


On-prem Proactive Monthly Management

 Our ‘Proactive’ management incorporates all the outstanding features of our economical ‘reactive’ monthly management, but further adds 24×7 Monitoring of your server, scheduled updates and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which version of APEX and Oracle do you support?

We support all versions of APEX and Oracle

Do you support 3rd party cloud services?

We support 3rd party cloud services such as

  • Google cloud
  • Amazon web service
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle Cloud

What access do we need?

We need

  • SSH
  • HTTP