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Oracle APEX 19.2 is packed with a set of tools that help teams to collaborate efficiently. Prior to APEX, it was very difficult to track the progress of an application. But now different members of a team like designers, developers and testers can communicate together using one platform.

What is Team Development?

Oracle APEX Team Development is a complete issue tracking system that is available right in your workspace.

Here you can manage the development of your app by creating “issues”. An “issue” is like a building block that consists of a title, description and other metadata.

Basically you can assign team members to an issue that will be responsible for handling it. These members can attach files and post comments to communicate with each other on this specific issue.

A remarkable feature that comes with Team Development is the ability to set milestones. It really help team members to focus on achieving specific goals which in turn increases their productivity.

You can also add colorful labels to an issue. They work similar to a tag which makes them easy to identify.

In Oracle APEX, you have the ability to group labels according to their meaning. For example:- a group which is named as “importance” may contain labels like “backlog”, “normal”, “important” and “critical”.

The way you use Team Development is completely depends on the workflow of your team. But generally it can be used to create bug reports, submit a feature request and to discuss new ideas. Some teams even use it to provide an answer to frequently asked questions.

So, there is no limit in what you can or can’t do with Team Development. I would encourage you to find new ways to make use of this flexible tool.

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What’s New In APEX 19.2 Team Development?

You may already know that in APEX 19.1 its developers had deprecated the previous Team Development tools. In this version, they have completely replaced it with a brand new one.

In APEX 19.2, new Team Development user interface is more straightforward and flexible. You have complete control of using the issue tracker according to your custom business requirements and workflow.

Previously in Team Development, there were pre-defined tools for creating milestones, features, to-dos, bugs and feedback. Now everything is unified under one thing which is known as an “issue”.

How to Use New Team Development Tools

As usual, you can select Team Development from your workspace dashboard.

If you haven’t setup it already then you will be shown a welcome message. Basically it contains a quick start form that will help you to setup Team Development using sample data.

After that, you will see the main dashboard of Team Development. Here you will find a list of all existing issues. To create a new issue, click the “New Issue” button from top-right of the page.

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A new popup will appear that suggest you to use a pre-defined template or maybe start from scratch. For now, just select an existing template.

Now fill the required details and press “Create Issue”.

At this point, you will be redirected to a specific issue page. Here you can assign users, add labels, set milestones and attach files from the section given on right-side of screen. If you want to post comments then you can also do that from bottom of page.

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jane o.
jane o.
2 years ago

how would you export the features and bugs from the prior version of Apex without loosing any details?

Last edited 2 years ago by jane o.
wajid ahmed
8 months ago
Reply to  jane o.

We upgrade Oracle APEX Version as soon as new version release without loosing any details. As for the bugs we apply latest patch as soon as it’s release by Oracle.