Welcome to MaxApex, the one place to get a complete hosting solution for your business. Our experience, expertise and focus on Oracle Application Express (APEX) hosting makes our hosting services the very best you can find for your business. At MaxApex you will find that our hosting capabilities are complemented by our efficiency which translates into your business’ cost-effectiveness. Providing fast, reliable and scalable application hosting, we contribute immensely to the success and profitability of your projects.

    Apex Shared Hosting

    MaxApex is a premium quality Hosting service for Oracle Application Express. Customers get the best-in-class service for a very reasonable price. Being experts in Oracle APEX we provide our valued customers with high availability, least cost and peace of mind. We upgrade to the latest version of APEX as soon as it is released. Our servers are running Oracle Application Express (APEX) 19.1, Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) 19.1 and Oracle Database Express Edition 18c.

    Apex DedicatedDB Hosting

    Our APEX Dedicated Hosting (DedicatedDB) is the most flexible hosting plan for Oracle APEX. Through this special hosting plan we provide you with your own exclusive machine with root access and your exclusive Oracle database. It gives you complete administrative access and control over your machine, database and APEX instance. The Dedicated DB Hosting plan is designed to meet the high tablespace requirements and level of control when they are important for your projects.