Hosting Packages

    What do you offer for printing report in PDF in your hosting offer ?
    Ans: We offer Apex Listener XSL-FO, Jasper Reports and Apache Cocoon for PDF printing.

    I would like to know if I have Apex hosted with you, if I can also have a domain name hosted as well. I would want my Apex application to be accessible as not…. I don’t want to use i frame or anything like that, to “mask” the URL, I want the domain request to go straight to the apex app ?
    Ans: Yes you can. Just map your domain name to our IP which is provided to you when you signup and let us know the application ID to which you want redirection. We will setup it for you.

    Does your Hosting include some Web Disk space ?
    Ans: Yes.

    I was wondering if you allowed the use of UTL_HTTP, APEX_MAIL, UTL_TCP & DBMS_CRYPTO packages from apex applications ?
    Ans: Yes you are allowed to use these packages.

    Which languages are supported by your APEX Instances ?
    Ans: Our APEX instances are available in all languages which are supported by Oracle APEX.

    Do your servers support SSL ?
    Ans: Yes, our servers support SSL.

    Can I get backup of my data and application anytime I want ?
    Ans: Yes, you can export your data and application anytime.

    Do you have a test / free trial environment for APEX ?
    Ans: No. But we provide 7 day full money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you get your full money back.

    How much time do you take to setup my workspace after I place an order ?
    Ans: Shared workspaces are created instantly after you make payment. For DedicatedDB we need approximately 8 hours.

    Is possible to develop my applications using your hosted APEX environment ? Can I get full access to apex development environment ?
    Ans: Yes you can develop and run applications in our APEX environment. It is a full install not just run-time.

    How can I integrate Jasper Reports with my APEX application ?
    Ans: There is a nice, easy and free integration kit available for Jasper. See Jasper Reports Integration Kit

    Do I need to have a domain registered before I signup for a hosting account ?
    Ans: No. You don’t need to have one. It is optional.

    Do you provide Free Apex Hosting also ?
    Ans: No. We only provide Paid Apex Hosting.

    Where can I Order Apex Hosting ?
    Ans: You can order our Production Apex Hosting from our Apex-Hosting page.

    Where are your servers physically located ?
    Ans: Our servers are located in North Carolina (US), Quebec (Canada), Portsmouth (UK), Roubaix (France) and Sydney (Australia).


    Can I use any Credit Card or PayPal to purchase Apex Hosting?
    Ans: Yes you can buy Apex hosting with almost any Credit Card or Paypal.

    Is billing month-to-month or yearly?
    Ans: Billing is done monthly, semi-annually or yearly whichever you choose.

    Can I get any discount if I pay for more than a month?
    Ans: You can get 10% discount on yearly and 5% discount on semi-annually payments.


    Can you provide me with the details on what type of backups you do, frequency, where you store the backups (offsite?), and what type of support you offer if there is a problem?
    Ans: We take full database backup on a daily basis (Monday to Friday). The backup is copied to another physical location (offsite). We also provide option to our customers to get export (exp/expdp) of their schema on their own whenever they want.

    Can I work with apex on your server and be in license compliance, without purchasing a license from Oracle?
    Ans: Yes you don’t need to purchase license for Oracle database to use MaxApex.

    Do you support access to the schema via SQL Developer?
    Ans: Yes you can use SQL Developer etc to connect to your schema.

    What if I need more table space quota so I would like to upgrade to the higher package? Will this cause any downtime?
    Ans: Just open a ticket. We will arrange everything for you. It will not cause any downtime.

    Can I send outbound emails, low volume to individual email accounts using UTL_MAIL or APEX_MAIL ?
    Ans: Yes you can. But you have to make sure you are not sending Spam emails.

    Can I use dbms_scheduler to schedule jobs?
    Ans: Yes you can. However the scheduled job must not run more than 4 times a day and should not have adverse effects on Server’s performance.

    How long does it take to receive account set-up confirmation?
    Ans: For shared hosting plan, it should not take more than a few minutes. For DedicatedDB, it can take up to 12 hours.

    Is your Support 24/7/365?
    Ans: Yes it is for all Critical Issues such in case your server is down or there is some emergency . For other issues we are available 24/7 Monday-Friday.